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Are a US Citizen and had been Affected by Covid in the year 2021

You have landed here because you are a rightful US Citizen and Business Owner.

Are You Eligable?

If you are a US Citizen and had been affected by covid in the year 2021 and were a self-employed Individual this applies to you.

The United States Government ''SETC- (Self Employment Tax Credit)'' is offering compensation for self-employed individuals in the year of 2021.

Now this does not last forever so I urge you to go over to this link below and find out if you are eligible...

But if you are American, you could be eligible for up to $32,000.

What's great about this is it's for the individual this time - you don't have to have more than one in your self-employed company.

To give you an idea - you could be a small business owner, Fiver worker /graphic designers/ door dash delivery, or Uber driver. These are just a few who are eligible.

What's great about this is it's for the individual this time - you don't have to have more than one in your self-employed company.

All the info is on the page to find out what to do. I would not leave this sort of money on the table if your eligible for it. SETC- Self Employment Tax Credit 2021.

Just click on the link below and you will be sent to the government site page where you can find out if you are eligible. The page explains it all. And if you have any queries just get in touch with them.

People in the USA who are Eligible

  • Solopreneurs

  • Gig Workers

  • Ecommerce Sellers

  • Digital Marketers

  • Real-estate Agents

  • And many more...

  • Amazon/eBay Sellers

  • Dentists

  • Accountants

  • Small Business Owners

  • Salespeople

Welcome to Your Rebate Qualification Check!

For you qualify for a rebate from the US government. Simply click the link above to access the form and find out if you're eligible.

Please note that the form will collect some personal information necessary to assess your eligibility. Rest assured that we take your privacy seriously, and your information will be handled securely and in compliance with applicable laws.

We understand that your personal information is sensitive, and we want to assure you that the organization handling the rebate program has implemented measures to safeguard your data. We recommend reviewing their privacy policy to learn more about how your information will be protected.

Statement from original USA Government Site

What You Will See

United States Government Page.

What you will see at top of Government form.

More instructions as you go down the form.

Easy to fill out Form.

Refund Estimate Calculator.

Go to Gov Page Now

Tax credit  SETC -also called the Self-Employed Tax Credit.

The Government has rolled this new Tax Credit to people who had covid during 2021.

It's paying out much faster than the ERTC. Yet the ERTC was for multiple people working in one business.

In fact! Hardly anybody knows about it!

The tax partner stats have said that only 15% of eligible entrepreneurs/self workers have applied for it.

So, there are billions and billions being left on the table. Don't be one of them to miss out on what your due.

One man who was self employed happened to mention that his wife was also self employed and can she apply.

So they both went through the process and they both got the maximum amount and got 64 thousand dollars between the two of them.

From what has been seen... people are getting closer to that higher amount.

You can get an idea of how much you can get back with the calculator on the site...

So even if you received a certain amount already back for the Tax Department, that will be subtracted from your award amount you could get.

Once you've submitted the form, you may receive a confirmation email or further instructions regarding the next steps in the process. We hope you find this rebate qualification check by the US Government helpful!

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